Casting Call

Meet the Vollens


Brigid began life as a shield maiden in the hills of what is now Iceland. Her skill in the kitchen caught the attention of her husband, Bress, but it was her skill at the forge that convinced Odin the Wise to elevate her to a goddess. She has served many roles over the years, but always comes back to her roots in both the hearth and forge. Most recently, she has landed in the heartland of America to host a farm to table restaurant that serves up more than just delicious, wholesome food. Brigid is and always has been a fierce defender of her home and nurturer to any she calls her own.


Though Bress was as skilled as the other lads with his axe and shield, he never had the fierce heart of a warrior. His heart was set on winning the hand of Brigid. She was the best cook in the village, but he knew that she could be even better with better ingredients. He turned his mind to developing the best practices for growing food and raising animals. His dedication to his craft won him, not only the heart and hand of Brigid, but also the attention of Frigga, who elevated Bress to stand with Brigid in Asgard as the god of Harvest and Husbandry. He still practices his art, now in the fields of Illinois, to supply the Hearth and Forge with quality ingredients. He has become known for his epic calm and spot-on, if confounding, advice, which he offers freely to anyone who asks.

Meet the Cast


Fabrizia Toscano is an Italian chef with a flare for the interesting. She has found a way to blend contemporary Italian cuisine with traditional Norse dishes, as well as tweaking American favorites like cheeseburgers into a gourmet feast. Breezy runs the kitchen at the Hearth and Forge, and she wouldn’t change a thing. Especially not the lover she’s recently found. Puck — yes, that Puck — is her equal in every way, and their bond runs deeper than true love could ever reach.

Vera Malone is an Ashville University journalism student. She is in her Sophomore year and has penned articles for the Valkyrie Tribune, the school’s newspaper, interviewing local celebrities including Simon Day, Willie Wilson, and Eleri Bowsher. She aspires to run her own newspaper someday.

Not Human

When Oberon, King of the Fairies in Underhill, made Puck, he should probably have thought about it a bit more. Puck is a trickster like no other. Bound by the laws of Underhill to never speak that which is untrue, she still manages to mislead people around her, because of course she can “read minds.” The restriction says nothing about tone of voice or eye rolling. Once upon a time, Puck lived only for the joke, always seeking the next big laugh. Then she met Breezy, a human who could keep up with her, and life will never be the same.

Cameron Angelo Medici isn’t your ordinary demolitions demon — he has a soul. As far as the soulkeepers can tell, he’s the only demon to have this gift. Through the years, he’s had many names, but he’s always been “Cam.” After killing off all life on a planet destined for destruction, Cam landed face-first in the mud on Earth. He’s been here for four hundred years, and though life has been different for him since, he’s finally found family and home. And he’s made a deal with “Big Daddy” — the soulkeeper in charge — to make sure that he and his soul continue their relationship.

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